Sustainability Action Plan

We continue to address sustainability as a key element through our working practices and sharing knowledge within the CGF Team, volunteers and commissioning partners, through:

Locally source ingredients, products and services to boost the local economy

Source fair trade, organic textiles and bio-degradable products where possible

Promote the purchasing of loose unpackaged food

Promote composting of all food

Promote local transport, car sharing, walking and cycling

Stipulate re-usable food containers not disposable containers to be utilised by participants

Bulk buy detergents to decant liquid into repurposed bottles

Promote bulk cooking for energy efficiency

Encourage car sharing for great distances

Reduce our paper and printer cartridge usage through digitisation

Implement technologies to avoid unnecessary travel

Promote a vegetarian diet in order to reduce meat content

Promote renewable energy and highlight the dangers of fossil fuels

Promote the use of water butts for outdoor gardening use

Promote the use of  Keep Cups and permanent water bottles to minimise Single use Plastics