Our Cracking Good Team

Cracking Good Food works with fully trained Cracking Cooks and Co-ordinators and supported by over 200 volunteers, without whom we would not be able to deliver our extensive programme of cookery classes, courses, workshops and demos.

Cracking Good Food was set up in 2010 by founding Director Adele Jordan who left Unicorn Grocery Cooperative Grocery after 5 years to help enable more people to enjoy the love of good food.

Today, with co-Director Tracey Torley, the organisation continues to be run as a social enterprise, where everyone’s input is valued equally. Since 2013 however, our focus has had to shift from promoting local food to addressing the impact of Austerity on communities who are in food poverty.

Our Organisation is values-driven, pushing for social and environmental justice and a fairer, sustainable food system. Everyone deserves the right to good food, clean air and a job that pays a real living wage.

Cracking Good Team

Amanda Aiken MSc BSc (hons) RNutr (public health) is a Registered Associate
Nutritionist who retrained following a successful career as a restaurateur & keen cook. She is passionate about food.

Kala Mandviwala has followed her lifelong passion and personal venture in sharing her knowledge and skills of cooking Indian Street Food aligned to her long standing charitable and voluntary work in the community.

Neha Garg Gupta is passionate about the health and nutritional benefits of Indian spices and enthusiastically shares her knowledge through her speciality South and North Indian dishes.

Totally Wild UK is a unique group of Ofqual (gov) accredited foragers who deliver deeply engaging foraging courses, sharing their passion and helping you learn the art of foraging.

Marcello Ghiretti trained in international Italian & French cuisine, worked in Michelin starred restaurants and the Alma La Scuola Internaaionale Di Cucina cooking school. He is currently Head Pasta Maker for Piccolino UK.

Rob Tomlinson has been a passionate Cracking Cook, Secretary and non-executive director from the start. He has run over 150 breadmaking classes and leads our training programmes and work within homeless hostels.

Sam Sin specialises in the foods of China and South East Asia, developing her skills and knowledge when growing up and working in family catering businesses. Following a successful career working with migrant communities, she is passionate about sharing her love of food and using it as a vehicle for social change.

Bex Shindler a vegan cook who runs The Mindful Kitchen that promotes a healthy, plant-based diet. She is passionate about nutrition and creates nourishing menus for yoga and well-being retreats and events. Share Bexs’ passion for the therapeutic value of cooking as a creative and mindful process.

Investing in people

We believe in working as a team. There is no hierarchy, we all work to our strengths, knowing full well that everyone is a crucial cog that keeps Cracking Good Food ticking.

Working together is a strength. Starting as a volunteer has for many changed their way of thinking and provided them with a job.

All our Cooks, Directors, IT & bid writing consultants earn the same wage.

We welcome new ideas and input from everyone and enjoy providing the opportunity for people to use us as a springboard to try out new ventures by publicising their businesses through our networks.

Please get in touch and join us too.

Tracey Torley

Amanda Aiken