We are driven to implement positive change within our community and the wider world. We believe in social justice and equality which enables everyone to have the right to clean air, water, food, fair working conditions and pay and the right to an education.

We are now living in uncharted territory. Climate change is happening and we need to address change urgently. The affects are worse than expected. David Attenborough says we have 12 years to adapt fully. Manchester City Council have launched a Climate Emergency.

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Food Poverty &


1 in every 156 people in Manchester are now homeless. If you are worried about someone sleeping on the streets, contact Street Support or call 0300 500 0914.

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Food Waste

A third of the food we produce is wasted somewhere along the food chain.

A national organisation who redistributed surplus, unwanted food to communities in need.

Posters by Jane Bowyer.

Simple things you can do?

A lot is obvious but gentle reminders are good sometimes
  • Create a non-waste policy in your workplace. There is no need for disposable cups/plates/cutlery anymore. Encourage everyone to bring their own (it doesn’t even have to be a Keep cup).
  • Invite those arriving for meetings to refrain from bringing a disposable cup – a gentle reminder. Provide coffee/tea facilities at work instead with an honesty box. Surplus £ goes to a charity/foodbank.
  • Encourage restaurants to turn off outdoor heaters when no-one is there
  • Ask any car, waiting with their engine on, to turn it off.
  • Avoid buying anything in unnecessary packaging. Remind the Manager it’s not necessary (gentle pressure).
  • Lower your heating thermometer and reduce the time it’s on either side.
  • Don’t waste food! Freeze what you don’t use – or re-heat for next day’s dinner.
  • Take a clean container to restaurants and cafes to take uneaten food home. This is lunch the following day saving time, fuel and money. This is the true meaning of BOGOF!

Where to go to change habits!

Unicorn Grocery Workers Cooperative. Chorlton
To buy organic, predominantly UK produced (where possible), loose produce (no packaging). Take your own bags/jars to re-fill nuts, seeds, grains etc. Also, biodegradable cleaning products & shampoo bars etc.

Stitched Up cooperative. Chorlton.
Learn to sew, knit, up-cycle, mend and repair even electrical goods on Repair Surgery days. Love the old.

Stretford Food Hall
Café and restaurant with changing pop up restaurants. Wide ReFill stations for all washing liquids, cleaning fluids etc.

Repair Café
Bring anything electrical and be shown how to fix it. The way it used to be!

Arndale Food Market
Support your local independent suppliers

Websites for further information & positive steps

Where to find Zero Waste shops:

Artist / makers in Manchester: – no child or exploitative labour. You’ll meet them!

Artist studios.

Buy from them directly: Openshaw, Manchester.M11 1PU

Artist studios: