Setting up a Community Cooking Club

We deliver COOKBank training courses to communities who wish to develop a good food culture in their communities. We have worked with Housing Associations, Community Groups and the NHS. Cracking Good Food continue to deliver and tackle the barriers communities face when accessing, cooking and budgeting for affordable nutritious food. Cook together to bank cooked food.

Everyone deserves good food IF you know WHAT to cook and HOW!

  • Driven community members who want to invest in the health and well-being of their peers
  • Participants from previous cooking programmes
  • For anyone who is interested in developing a good food culture in their community and who needs structure & support for getting more people engaged to cook affordable healthy food communally, socially & safely
  • We define ‘Good’ Food & why it’s crucial for our health & well-being
  • We discuss and help overcome the many barriers to cooking healthy food from scratch
  • We discuss & implement resourceful & creative solutions to food poverty by cooking creatively & going through store cupboards. With BREXIT and climate change upon us our food supply may not be as reliable
  • We look at the bigger picture of food (in)security, the power of Marketing and most importantly foodwaste (a third of the food produced in the world is wasted whilst nearly 8,000,000 are currently in UK food poverty.
  • We discuss ways in which you can set up a Cracking ‘Good’ Community cooking club
  • A hearty meal! You will deliver a cooking workshop to each other incorporating these messages at the end of the training
  • A full 40 page colour Toolkit pdf as a guide for future support at the end of the training.
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Most importantly the inspiration to see how you can instill a good food culture in your community, because everyone deserves good food.
  • Cooked with 175 organisations
  • Run cooking programmes and individual bespoke sessions
  • Over 250 volunteers & 11 cooks
  • Train people up as co-ordinators and cooks
  • Boost our local economy by buying local & employing local people
  • We are part of Manchester’s sustainable food network
  • Have delivered 1194 hands-on cooking sessions
  • Over 85% Community Outreach projects
  • Cook only from scratch with local seasonal food
  • Cooked with over 20500 participants
  • Raise awareness & campaign against food waste
  • We run 3 Cookery Schools across Manchester that help support our core costs
  • Addresses food poverty and social isolation through communal healthy cooking
  • Develops and promotes a sharing of cooking skills
  • Promotes an understanding of healthy eating
  • Provides inspiration and skills about being resourceful with food
  • Is about cooking in bulk for the wider community
  • Restores the love of good food back into the heart of the community
  • Means your community will always be fed a nutritious meal

Price & Location

Cost inclusive of lunch, refreshments, all written materials, aprons & ingredients

Book multiple places and get a 10% discount for subsequent employees from same organisation

The course is delivered over 1 day

Registration & Refreshments at 10am

Location tbc.