Healthy School


A fun and engaging cooking programme designed for High Schools to support and boost the confidence of Year 6 pupils who present with additional learning and SEMH needs, in readiness for transition up to high school.

Our bespoke programme deliveries a range of fun and engaging workshops to give children from your feeder schools the opportunity to interact with prospective peers whilst getting to know their new surroundings, in a relaxed and informal way, it features:

Nurturing the children

  • Our activities encourage teamwork, communication and sharing skills in a relaxed environment for children from different schools to meet and get to know one another on the grounds of their future school.
  • Reassures your new parents and carers that the health and welfare of their child is paramount to the school, as providing an environment for their child to thrive starts from transitioning.
  • Giving pupils a strong foundation to start to build early relationships with each other and helping to lessen any pre transition nerves.
  • Fully participatory fun and engaging cooking workshops to keep hands busy and minds active.
  • Opportunity to explore and learn about nutritious ingredients which stimulate taste buds, and encouragement to try healthy foods which boost energy levels and nurture mood.

Supporting parents and carers!

Our programme can be extended to include:

  • Parental/guardian cooking workshops alongside the children, providing adults with a much needed opportunity to informally meet others who have the same questions and similar concerns.
  • Online support sessions for parents to discuss dietary concerns with our Nutritionist.
  • Our research has shown that parents and carers often do not know and feel so confident about a school’s transition programme from primary school up to high school. Our cooking workshops provide a pressure free environment and opportunity to share any concerns and gain fuller understanding in a relaxed and informal setting.

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