4 hour class

10am – 2pm

Location – Parrs Wood High School

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What will you cook?

What does ‘Flour’ mean to you? Bread? Cakes? Pastry?

Move on from ‘Self-Raising’, ‘Plain’, and ‘Strong Bread’ and get acquainted with a whole new world of unusual flours made from UK beans, pulses and wheat-free grains!

Newly popular in the UK, pulse flours are at the heart of many Indian and Mediterranean dishes, from bhajis and papadums to pancakes and fritters, and open up a whole new mouth-watering (and gluten-free) world of cooking.

In this exciting new 4-hour course, Rob will show you how to use UK grown flours from Hodmedod’s made from fava beans, quinoa and peas to create tasty, nutritious pizza bases, blinis, pancakes, pakoras, koftas and crumble toppings.

Rob is a very experienced artisan bread-maker and is keen to share his knowledge and tips. He crams plenty into this busy session but there’s always time for questions. By the end of the four hours you’ll know just how satisfying it is to make your own bread, blinis, pakorah and more – You’ll leave with delicious dishes and skills that will last you a lifetime. All ingredients are organic and bought locally at Unicorn Co-operative Grocery and other local independent shops.

This session is suitable for all levels of experience, from absolute beginners to those wishing to further develop their skills.

Vegan, vegetarian and dairy free.
You can select your dietary preferences and inform us about any allergies or other requirements during checkout.

What do people think:

“Didn’t feel a newbie even though I am! I enjoyed learning a bit about the science behind the baking. The myth is removed.”
“Fully recommend this course. Excellent fun and confidence building. Great experience.”
“Felt Rob was a great teacher with bags of experience – answered all of our questions.”
“Enjoyable, relaxed and memorable. First class instruction and inspiration.”