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What will you cook?

  • Matar Paneer – Paneer (a fresh, unsalted white cheese) with green peas cooked in creamy tomato and flavoursome onion gravy. The dish tends to be accompanied with rice and breads.
  • Dal fry – Creamy, smooth and rich spilt yellow toor lentils tempered with Punjabi spices. This popular dal dish is usually served in restaurants alongside rice and breads.
  • Lacha Parathas – This popular flaky and layered North Indian bread is made with whole wheat flour. The soft texture goes perfect with any curry dish.
  • Peas Pulao – A fragrant Indian rice pulao made with the basmati rice, aromatic spices and peas. It can be served with curd or any veg or non-veg curry.

Come and join Neha as she opens up the wonderful world of North Indian cuisine, influenced by the Persian, Mongolian and Afghans leaving a legacy of rich and fragrant dishes. Learn how to make a range of delicious authentic dishes using delicate spices which completely transform the simplest of dishes.


Neha – Cooking Lead

About Neha

How are you involved in the CGF work?

I moved to the UK along with my husband after studying Biotechnology in Germany and India. I am passionate about the health qualities and nutritional benefits many of the Indian spices give and enthusiastically shares my knowledge through South and North Indian dishes. I have written over 20 national and international publications and is an author of a number of books. I am a great believer in ‘Health is Wealth’.

What are your food inspirations?

Growing up I was always inclined towards cooking but only got a chance to really explore cooking & different dishes fully in Germany. Now my 5-year-old son inspired me a lot to make lots of new dishes which are full of nutrition and health benefits.

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time, I always think about new and interesting dishes with the vegetables which looks boring for kids. Also, try to aware people about nutrition, how to boost the immunity and now a days I am just trying to aware people about covid 19 , how we can keep ourself and our loved ones safe.

Coronavirus: safety measures are in place throughout our Cookery School programme.

Vegan, vegetarian and dairy free.
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