4 hour class

£75 per person

10am – 2pm

Location – Parrs Wood High School

Half price concessionary rate available.
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North Indian


Pending further changes to the restrictions, we currently plan to resume our Cookery School sessions on May 22nd, with full PPE and social distancing in place. In the meantime, please join us for an Online COOKAlong to help support our continued Covid 19 Emergency Food Response.

What will you cook?

Come and join Kala as she opens up the wonderful world of North Indian cuisine and learn how to make a range of delicious authentic dishes:

Matar Paneer: Paneer (a fresh, unsalted white cheese) with green peas cooked in creamy tomato and flavoursome onion gravy. The dish tends to be accompanied with rice and breads.

Dal fry: Creamy, smooth and rich spilt yellow toor lentils tempered with Punjabi spices. This popular dal dish is usually served in restaurants alongside rice and breads.

Lacha Parathas: This popular flaky and layered North Indian bread is made with whole wheat flour. The soft texture goes perfect with any curry dish.

Peas Pulao: A fragrant Indian rice pulao made with the basmati rice, aromatic spices and peas. It can be served with curd or any veg or non-veg curry.

Kala Mandviwala has followed her lifelong passion and personal venture in sharing her knowledge and skills of cooking Indian Street Food aligned to her long standing charitable and voluntary work in the community.

Coronavirus: safety measures are in place throughout our Cookery School programme.

Vegan, vegetarian and dairy free.
You can select your dietary preferences and inform us about any allergies or other requirements during checkout.

About Kala

How are you involved in the CGF work?

I’ve been with CGF since early 2019, as a Cooking Leader teaching a variety of Indian and
Nepalese Cookery Classes. I’ve also enjoyed delivering online cooking classes as well as
cooking in the community classes in partnership with The Bread & Butter Thing.

What are your food inspirations?

I’m at my happiest when I’m cooking creative meals and feeding family and friends! My
mother has been very influential and taught me our family favourite recipes, which I’m keen
to share our traditional methods of cooking and spark the passion of cooking in others!

What do you do in your spare time?

I cook Ready, Steady, Cook style everyday and I’m equally passionate about avoiding food
waste, so am always creating lots new dishes but I also love to eat out trying lots of other
cuisines. I’m also an active member of the local community volunteering and supporting
many local causes.