Food Waste

At Cracking Good Food we are extremely mindful of the horrific amount of food waste created within our food systems, and the huge impact that has on our wallets, our diets and the environment. When we waste food we are also wasting the energy, time and water it takes to grow that food, to harvest it, prepare it and transport it, not to mention the money we spent on buying it.

We are passionate about playing our part, however small, in reducing the 9.52 million tonnes of food wasted in the UK alone every single year and we aim to enthuse and inspire others with the skills, knowledge and confidence to do the same. Throughout all of our work we are share accessible and affordable ways to help reduce food waste at home, where 70% of the UK’s food waste occurs. Our fun and engaging community cooking classes help to dispel common myths and confusion around food safety and best before dates, whilst sharing practical cooking skills and recipe ideas to inspire cooking-from-scratch with absolutely minimal waste.

Whenever we run batch-cooking projects we source as much produce as possible from Fareshare and other surplus – our ‘Veg Up’ project has also seen us redistribute 4.2 tonnes of perfectly good food, otherwise destined for waste; 97% of this food was cooked, eaten and enjoyed by residents in Stockport and Salford. Furthermore, any food waste we create at our cooking classes is fed into our composter at our little growing corner in Hulme!

If you’d like to learn more about the scale and impact of food waste in the UK, Love Food Hate Waste and Wrap are both great places to start.

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