Healthy Rewards

Whilst money is important, we’re not money driven. Instead we’re driven by trying to make communities a better & nicer place to live in and to open doors to new and holistic, healthy experiences.

So we’ve asked our wonderful like-minded friends to provide us with a healthy treat to invest in YOU and where possible, raise awareness of products which are kinder to our planet.

Our Cookery School and Forage customers and volunteers will be entered into a monthly prize draw to win a Healthy Rewards! from one our like minded partner organisations! During COVID-19, these gifts were awarded to our dedicated army of volunteers to thank and acknowledge their continued support.

Our customer base of over 5000 would love to know about your product/service. Please email if you would like to feature as a Healthy Rewards! partner, your company name and logo will be shared across our social media platforms (circa 9300) It is vital people know there is a kinder alternative to cleaning products, homeware, beauty, clothing and more…

  • Hand crafted home-ware using natural materials
  • organic food vouchers
  • a massage
  • organic vegan beauty product
  • a yoga session
  • organic food bags
  • metal straws
  • keep Cups/Water Bottles
  • cook books
  • & much more

Art Salvaged

Richard and Marjorie Brown have been developing this small business over the past 5 years. They create artworks and objects from repurposed materials such as this vase that they have kindly donated.

Salvage Gallery

Unicorn Grocery

Unicorn was established by a small group of people committed to social change, who had a vision for the kind of shop that they wanted to shop in themselves. A place where wholesome tasty food, sourced with care, would be sold at affordable prices. A shop owned and run by motivated owner-members following a shared social and environmental agenda.

Unicorn Grocery

The Use-It-All Cookbook

Packed with ideas for using your leftovers including that sad-looking carrot or hard cheese at the back of the fridge. Soups, stews, pies, and risottos sit alongside delicious quick recipes and tasty juices and smoothies.

View book

Union Hand-roasted Coffee

Union is founded on the principle of marrying high quality speciality coffee with responsible sourcing, making coffee better for everyone from drinkers to farmers.

Union Hand-roasted Coffee

The 8th Day

Enjoy a hamper of cosmetics from The 8th Day Co-operative!
The 8th Day Co-operative

Urban Bear

Urban Bear Co is an independent outdoor lifestyle clothing brand, born from our love of others outdoors, casual clothing and travel. We created Urban Bear Co so that we could share our love for casual lifestyle clothing with everyone else. Finding clothing that looks as good as it feels to wear is awesome and we design all our products with this in mind.

We are based in the North West and you can often find us at our regular Makers Market, Chorlton, West Didsbury and Cheadle.

Check out our online shop

Faith in Nature

Established in 1974, we believe in harnessing the power of nature without harming it in the process. Our products are made using the highest quality, naturally derived, cruelty-free ingredients, with 100% natural fragrance – and they work beautifully.

Faith in Nature