Spice Up Your Online Cooking!

Join us for 7 weekly online cooking sessions to boost your skills, knowledge and make some tasty nutritious food!

50 participants will receive 7 weekly COOKPack containing:

  • 7 different spices/herbs to create 7 wholesome dishes which can be frozen.
  • Associated health benefit for each spice/herb.
  • Spices delivered in a small reusable plastic container
  • A microwavable plastic container to save a batch of your wholesome dish for tomorrows’ lunch or dinner!
  • An easy to follow recipe card which contains information to boost your skills and knowledge
  • A shopping list of ingredients
  • Tips and ways to reduce food waste for each dish
  • More than ever, now is the time when we need to be supporting one another and making sure those who are shielding are engaged with others and receiving the support needed to boost mental health. Personalise the recipe card to include a list of your local support networks
  • Access details for the ‘Vimeo’ online cooking sessions (also emailed to each participant).

To book Spice Up Your Online Cooking‘ for your community, contact amanda@crackinggoodfood.org for a bespoke price and further information.

Everyone deserves good, wholesome and nutritious food.