Social Prescription

Meal Service

We are passionate about supporting as many people as possible to access and enjoy nourishing, delicious food which is both dietarily and culturally appropriate. This is particularly important when people are experiencing illness, crisis or other complex life challenges which affect a person’s ability to access, cook and enjoy good food.

Thanks to funding from The Big Life Group’s ‘Social Prescription Fund’ ,we are now supporting the diet and wellbeing of hospital discharge patients and other Manchester residents at-risk of hunger, poor diet and other food security challenges with weekly deliveries of healthy, hearty and delicious ‘ready meals’. The meals are cooked by our team, supported by our AMAZING volunteers, in the community kitchen in Brunswick Church, Ardwick and delivered to the community each Wednesday.

As part of this project, we also provide a pay-as-you-feel community lunch each Wednesday at 12.30pm-1.30pm from Brunswick Church where the diverse and vibrant community eat together and welcome all.

Our produce for the project is sourced from independent local businesses, from Fareshare Greater Manchester and from donations from local growers such as University of Manchester’s Firs Botanical Garden in Fallowfield. We are passionate about including freshly grown, organic and highly nutritious produce in our meals.

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