4 hour class


£75 per person


10am – 2pm
Half price concessionary rate available.
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What will you cook?

  • Jollof Rice – Jollof Rice – this iconic rich rice dish offers so much flavour and texture using aromatic seasoning and seasonal vegetables
  • Koki Corn – an abundance of fresh corn in Africas’ rainy season make these flavoursome corn bites the perfect snack
  • Spinach Stew with roasted plantain – a favoured combination, rich and sweetly enhanced by ripe roasted plantain
  • Chin Chin – lets celebrate the beauty and vibrancy of West African food with this traditional sweet snack – roasted, flavoured and simply divine!

For each recipe, you will learn a brief history around the dish, what Ngwafu loves about it and any personal touches added along the way. With experience in the food manufacturing industry, developing recipes and troubleshooting problems at a large scale, as well as ample restaurant experience, vegan food serves as Ngwafu’s life portfolio and she will be delighted to teach you the skills and techniques and introduce you to the beautiful ingredients so you can recreate these dishes at home.


Vegan, vegetarian and dairy free.
You can select your dietary preferences and inform us about any allergies or other requirements during checkout.

About Ngwafu

How are you involved in the CGF work?

Ngwafu, joins the Cracking Good Food team to share her journey and passion for vegan West African cooking. Born in Cameroon, raised in the UK, now based in Manchester – Ngwafu wants to share her passion for vegan West African dishes to fellow foodies and as food is the fuel of life, why wouldn’t you want to experience all of it?! Ngwafu leads both Community Cooking and Cookery School sessions and currently manages the Gorton Kitchen for our emergency pandemic food response, with tremendous help from our volunteers, we cook over 400 meals a week for the communities across Greater Manchester.

What are your food inspirations?

I love learning how different cultures eat worldwide, drawing inspiration from them and apply to my heritage cuisine of West African food. As well as being a passionate vegan, I am also passionate about creating food using seasonal fruit and veg and sustainable cooking.

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time I run a takeaway business –gwafuvegan specialising in cooking and delivering affordable vegan West African food. Only using high-quality, sustainable produce that is locally sourced. Our number one aim is to spread our love of vegan food and our passion and love of West African food. By doing this we showcase new and exciting flavours to our ever-growing diverse community.