Inspires healthy meals throughout the day!

Designed to create a good food culture and boost the health and well-being of our much cherished veterans across the region.

A part or fully participatory standalone or 6 week programme to develop skills and knowledge based around healthy and nutritious cooking within the familiar framework of breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks!

The content covers a number of areas, but as a taster…

  • Builds cooking skills and confidence in the kitchen
  • Learn which foods build your energy levels and boost your mood
  • Affordability and resourcefulness is key when funds are tight
  • Cooking techniques to reduce fat and sugar intake and retain essential nutrition
  • Ways to reduce your food waste
  • Certificate of Attendance

Each workshop includes recipes, spices to help build up a home store cupboard and a microwavable container to reinforce a cook, eat & freeze mindset.

Our 6 week programme also includes

  • An opportunity for Participants to discuss the dishes they missed most whilst away on service and what new flavours (if any) they discovered whilst serving. Based on this feedback, they will collectively decide which dish is to be cooked for the last celebratory meal where friends and family come to share the dishes cooked.

From June 2021 we will be delivering cooking sessions with veterans in Rochdale and Trafford funded by Groundwork and Operation Re-Org. To support veterans in your community foster a love of good food and develop cooking skills, please contact for further information.