Stock Powder / Bouillon

This is the easiest swap to make in your store cupboard. Choose vegetable stock instead of meat or fish and it’s instantly vegan-ised!

Stock is great to have on hand for adding depth of flavour to anything you are cooking.

Vegan soups, stews, pie fillings and gravies will all benefit from a little boost of flavour. It does contain salt, so it can be used in place of salt in most dishes.
My favourite brand is Marigold- the taste is great and as a powder you can use as much or as little as you need in a recipe. There’s even a lower salt version. But most shops will sell a version of a vegetable stock cube or stock powder, try a few and see if you find a favourite.  Be careful to check the label as they can sometimes contain milk.

Recipe ideas:

Use in soups for easy added flavour
Leek and bean soup
Caldo Verde (Cabbage and Potato Soup)

Stale bread can be made into  croutons or breadcrumb and adding stock powder will add an extra savoury richness. Use as a topping on cauliflower ‘cheese’, gratins or served on soups and salads
Braised Lettuce with onions and peas with a garlic crumb
-Use in risottos (try swapping rice for barley)
Toasted Barley & Musquee De Provence Pumpkin Risotto

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